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 God Module

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PostajNaslov: God Module   pon lip 28, 2010 4:00 pm

God Module is a United States-based aggrotech band founded in Orlando, Florida in 1999, relocating to western Washington in 2006. The band is currently signed to Metropolis Records in the U.S. and Out of Line Music in Germany. God Module's founding members were Jasyn Bangert (vocals, synth, programming) and Andrew Ramirez (vocals, synth, programming). The band's current members are Jasyn Bangert, Courtney Bangert (vocals, live keyboards), and Byron C. Miller (vocals, live keyboards.

1999 Artificial
2003 Empath
2004 Artificial 2.0
2004 EP Victims Among Friends
2005 Viscera
2007 Let's Go Dark
2010 The Magic in My Heart Is Dead

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God Module
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