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 Dawn of Ashes

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PostajNaslov: Dawn of Ashes   pon oľu 01, 2010 7:51 pm

na spejsu


Dawn of Ashes is an American aggressive Industrial music band with horror based themes. The band name is supposed to mean "beginning an endThey first began in 2001, and in 2005 released a demo album Sacred Fever. Soon after its release they were signed to NoiTekk and then to COP International and Russia's Gravitator Records. Since then, they have made two full length albums, In the Acts of Violence and The Crypt Injection. They have also made a music video for their song "Torture Device", the first single from The Crypt Injection.

In September 2008 the band released a blog stating that they are moving more into the metal scene and away from the industrial scene. The band are currently recording their third album, tentatively titled Genocide Chapters, with the song "Harvest the Impaled" scheduled to be released around summer 2009. They've gone to a more Melodic Death sound on this new album. It says on their Myspace: "With this new line up and sound, the next installment from Dawn of Ashes will summon new sights and sounds among the world with a "Black/Melodic Death Metal" sound."

Kristof Bathory- Vocals/Keyboards (2001-present)
Bahemoth- Keyboard (2005-present)
Valkar Kael- Guitar (2009-present)
Othuum- Bass Guitar (2009-present)
Orias- Drums (2008-present)

Sacred Fever (2005) demo
In the Acts of Violence (2006)
The Crypt Injection (2007) - USA version
The Crypt Injection (2007) - European version

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PostajNaslov: Re: Dawn of Ashes   sri oľu 03, 2010 6:03 am

Bend je zakon, jedan on personal favorite-a! Nenadjebiva atmosfera bounce
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PostajNaslov: Re: Dawn of Ashes   ned tra 18, 2010 5:36 pm

Jako mi se sviđa Dawn of Ashes, smatram da je to jedan od boljih novijih bendova. Agresivno i kvalitetno. Jedna od favorita mi je Diagnosis.
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Dawn of Ashes
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